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PKP Cargo and LTG Cargo Polska allowed to establish a joint venture in Poland


LTG Cargo Polska, 100 percent owned by „LTG Cargo“, belonging to the LTG group, and PKP Cargo, the largest Polish cargo carrier, received a permit to establish a joint venture.

PKP Cargo announced through the Warsaw Stock Exchange that such consent had been received from the Polish Competition Council at the end of April.

The assessment of the decision of the Polish authority will determine whether the authorizations of the competition authorities of other countries are also required.

Egidijus Lazauskas, the CEO of „LTG Cargo“, states that the consent issued by the Polish authority is one of the preparatory stages for the operation of the joint venture.

– We are preparing for activities in Poland and this year we will start the intermodal transportation, – commented E. Lazauskas.

The joint venture established by PKP Cargo and LTG Cargo Polska will be engaged in intermodal cargo transportation. In this way, efforts are being made to strengthen logistics chains and improve the mobility of large cargoes between Lithuania and Poland.