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LTG Cargo pilot train departs for Ukraine


LTG Cargo, the freight transport company of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) Group, has launched a test run from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) to Ukraine via Poland. The container train is expected to reach its destination in the next couple of days, before returning to Lithuania with around 50 containers of freight. This is the first time in LTG’s history that freight from Ukraine will reach Lithuania by rail bypassing Belarus.


LTG Cargo will be able to transport intermodal freight to terminals in Poland


LTG Cargo, the freight transport company of the Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) Group, continues to actively diversify its activities. The Company has launched intermodal freight services from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) to terminals in Poland. Freight trips will be arranged upon customer order.


LTG Cargo launches an intermodal freight transportation service to Germany


To further pursue its diversification goals, LTG Cargo launches intermodal freight transportation to Duisburg in Germany. The new freight transportation route will open up an opportunity for customers to access by rail one of Europe’s most important industrial hubs and the world’s largest inland waterway port.


Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel by train in Lithuania free of charge


In response to the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine and in order to help people fleeing the horrors of the war, the companies of the Lithuanian Railways (“Lietuvos geležinkeliai” – LTG) group are starting to provide assistance. The passenger transportation company LTG Link from March 1 offered Ukrainian citizens free transportation on local routes in Lithuania. Ukrainian citizens wishing to use the free transportation will only need to present the Ukrainian passport or identity card, children – the birth certificate.


LTG Cargo Polska will invest over Eur 47 million in Poland


LTG Cargo Polska – a subsidiary of the cargo transportation company LTG Cargo, has planed the largest investments in Poland to date. It will be used for the diversification of activities envisaged in the company’s strategy: expansion to Western Europe, development of new and existing services and development of the technical park. The company will invest over 47 million Euros in Poland within two-three years.


LTG Cargo Polska strengthens its presence in Poland: starting to consolidate its train fleet


Cargo transportation company LTG Cargo Polska is strengthening its position in Poland. The company has leased two locomotives for international operations, which will be used to increase the volume of intermodal freight transport from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal to the Netherlands.


LTG Cargo drivers have been issued certificates for driving in Poland


In June 2020, the Polish Railway Transport Service (The Office of Rail Transport (UTK)) issued a safety certificate to the company. It allows LTG Cargo to operate in Poland with its own rolling stock and qualified personnel, so there was a need to train the drivers.


RailTarget interview with LTG Cargo Polska CEO Michał Szlendak


During exclusive interview, Michał Szlendak shared some insights about connecting with business partners during this unprecedented times and introduced LTG Cargo Polska current services and future plans.


LTG Cargo Polska joins Land Transport Chamber of Commerce (IGTL)


In September, during TRAKO exhibition in Gdansk, Mrs. Marita Szustak, President and Mr. Maciej Gładyga, Managing Director of IGTL, met with LTG Cargo Polska team to discuss the current challenges in the rail freight market and presented the areas of IGTL activity as well as the opportunities offered by the IGTL membership.


PKP Cargo and LTG Cargo Polska allowed to establish a joint venture in Poland


LTG Cargo Polska, 100 percent owned by „LTG Cargo“, belonging to the LTG group, and PKP Cargo, the largest Polish cargo carrier, received a permit to establish a joint venture.


LTG Cargo Polska joined the UTK initiative


On April 22 LTG Cargo Polska joined the group of signatories to the Declaration on the Development of a Culture of Railway Safety.


LTG Cargo Polska and PKP Cargo sign an agreement on establishment of a subsidiary


On 17 September 2020, with the participation of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Lithuania, an agreement was signed aimed at establishing a joint freight transportation company, which will offer Lithuanian and Polish businesses even more competitive freight services.

The agreement to establish a joint intermodal freight transportation company was signed by the Polish freight company PKP CARGO S.A. and LTG Cargo Polska, a Polish subsidiary of LTG Cargo.


Lithuania‘s LTG Cargo enters the Polish railway market


The freight company LTG Cargo, owned by the largest railway group in the Baltic States, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG), is starting to expand to the West. The company has established a subsidiary, LTG Cargo Polska, which will expand its rail freight operations in Poland. LTG Cargo aims to increase the attractiveness of rail freight transport, strengthen logistics supply chains, and improve the mobility of large loads between Lithuania and Poland.