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100% of UAB LTG Cargo Polska is owned by the Lithuanian rail freight company AB LTG Cargo, which is a part of the largest group of railway companies in the Baltic States, AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG), and takes the 10th place in terms of cargo transportation in the European Union (EU). The Company started its operations in Poland in 2020. Through a synergy of different modes of transport, technical progress and information technology, our Company constantly improves the existing, and creates new services for its clients.

Since we are closer to our customers, we are able react faster to the changes that occur in the market. Our main task is to offer our customers optimal cargo transportation solutions that save their time and financial resources.

Continuous improvement and search for new ways to facilitate the freight transportation process mark the uniqueness of our Company, allowing making the good solutions offered by LTG Cargo Polska even better.

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The LTG Group of Companies, of which we are a part, has joined the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge 2019 of the International Railway Association (UIC) – the Company intends to reduce the amounts of pollutants generated by its freight transport by 30% by 2030.

Contributing to the reduction of global warming and environmental pollution, LTG Cargo Ukraine also follows the principles of sustainability and commitment to the environment in its activities. We use energy and natural resources in an efficient manner, and constantly look for solutions that would reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment and climate change. This allows establishing the position of the railway transport as the most environmentally and climate-friendly mode of transport.

LTG Cargo Ukraine strives for the rational use of resources and raw materials through the proper maintenance of its rolling stock, thus prolonging the service life. The generated waste is sorted to ensure the maximum possibilities for its recycling.