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LTG Cargo Polska and PKP Cargo sign an agreement on establishment of a subsidiary


On 17 September 2020, with the participation of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Lithuania, an agreement was signed aimed at establishing a joint freight transportation company, which will offer Lithuanian and Polish businesses even more competitive freight services.

The agreement to establish a joint intermodal freight transportation company was signed by the Polish freight company PKP CARGO S.A. and LTG Cargo Polska, a Polish subsidiary of LTG Cargo.

“The strategy of the LTG Group includes ambitious goals outside Lithuania. I am glad that they are gaining clear contours and we will soon be counting the first tons carried outside Lithuania. Partnership with the market leader PKP Cargo is the best way to achieve this goal – I am grateful to our partners for their trust, and I wish the joint venture excellent performance results,” Mantas Bartuška, CEO of LTG, said.

The joint venture will primarily engage in intermodal transportation between Lithuania and Poland, as well as will offer cargo transportation services to the cargo terminals in Germany and Northern Italy. In the development of the services, great attention will be paid to the transportation of semi-trailers and containers.

Intermodal transportation, when several modes of transport are combined, not only saves the business the logistics costs but also reduces environmental pollution, congestion, noise, road accidents and other negative effects of road transport on the environment. When transporting freight rail transport, the emission of CO2 is 3 times less than that of road transport, and the number of road accidents is also reduced.

About 24 mn tons of freight are transported between Lithuania and Poland every year, of which only 0.6 mn tons of railways by rail, while about 1.8 mn trucks cross the national borders every year.