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    LTG Cargo Polska Sp. z o.o. executes the activity of the company following the principle of zero tolerance for the corruption, meaning that manifestations of corruption of any form (conflict of interests, bribery, abuse of position, illegal acceptance of gifts and etc.) are not tolerated within the company. The company executes the activity responsibly, transparently, honestly and reliably.

    In the course of its activity the company follows Corruption Immunity Policy valid within the supervising company AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” (LTG) group of companies, defining the main corruption prevention goals, principles and implemented measures of the group of companies. In their everyday activities the employees of the company follow the principles of ethics established under the Employee Ethics Code, while communicating among themselves and with other persons. Transparent and honest activity is also expected to be upheld by the activity partners of the company, these expectations regarding them have been laid down in Supplier Behaviour Code.

    Corruption Immunity Policy

    Employee Ethics Code

    Supplier Behaviour Code

    Corruption prevention measures followed at the company are implemented at the scope of AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” (LTG) group of companies. These measures can be acquainted with here.

    Any criminal act, which is being committed, has been committed or is planned to be committed, possible illegal actions of the employees or their failure to act, abuse of power or other actions, exhibiting the manifestations of criminal acts of corruptive nature may be notified about and suggestions regarding the corruption prevention measures within the company may be submitted using the trust line channels used by the company:

    The notifications received by trust line are analysed by the employees appointed by Safety and Risk Management Department of AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” (LTG). The notifications are analysed within 20 working days from their reception.

    A notification can be submitted by any person anonymously, i.e., without indicating the name, surname and (or) contact data. Nevertheless, in case the contact data is indicated and it is stated that the person is willing to be informed about the results of the investigation, the notifying person shall be informed about the results of the analysis as well as the decisions made, following the established procedure.

    LTG group of companies ensures the confidentiality of the notifying person as well as of the data provided by such person, except for the cases established under the legal acts.