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Semi-trailer transportation

Transportation of car semi-trailers is an attractive mode of transportation, which guarantees fast and reliable freight delivery for all actors in the logistics chain and which reinforces the advantages of each of these modes: economy and environmental friendliness of rail transport when carrying cargo over long distances, and the flexibility of vehicle transport when delivering cargo door-to-door.

How are semi-trailers transported by rail?

Truck semi-trailers are safely lifted onto a train platform with the use of special equipment, while at the end of the rail trip, at the intermodal terminals, they are moved back onto the trucks for the “last mile” service, i.e., for delivery of the goods to the customer’s door.

Service routes

To/from Kaunas (Lithuania) – Duisburg (Germany)

The Kaunas – Duisburg – Kaunas route is served exclusively by LTG Cargo Group companies – in Lithuania it is operated by the LTG Cargo team, in the territory of Poland and Germany – by LTG Cargo Polska.

A train departing from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) 4 times a week can transport 36 semi-trailers or containers in one train.

With this service you:

  • will significantly reduce the mileage of your trucks and trailers;
  • save on maintenance costs;
  • optimize driver service needs;
  • transport goods in an environmentally friendly way and contribute to the implementation of the EU Green Deal.



Benefits of rail transportation of semi-trailers by rail for society and customers


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Moments from the pilot semi-trailers transportation from Diusburg (Germany) to Kaunas (Lithuania).

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